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Come In there is room for you here

This short story is told about Franz Josef, one of the Habsburg Emperors. He was returning from a military campaign and sought refuge in a monastery. He sent a soldier before him to announce his coming. "The Emperor Franz Josef seeks lodging in your monastery. Prepare a place for him."

The guest master replied, "There is no room for him."

When the soldier reported this to the emperor, he was furious. He approached the monastery surrounded by his military escort. He called out the guest master and said, "Do you not know who I am? Ruler of the Austro-Hugarian Empire. I demand to spend the night here."

The guest master looked at the emperor in his splendid clothes. Around him were the soldiers with their weapons, but the monk held his ground. "There is no room for you here," he told him.

One of the soldiers drew his sword and said, 

"Sir, shall I kill this insolent monk?"

The emperor paused. Then he said to the monk,

 "No, I did not tell you who I really am. I am Franz Josef, a sinner."

The monk said, "Come in, there is room for you here." .
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